The entire nation is struggling with an economic, credit and housing crisis, and Southwest Florida is among the most seriously affected areas.

Our firm is dedicated to giving you the personal attention that you need for your case. Each client who comes to our office will be given the attention and assistance they need to fix their financial problems. We make every attempt to make sure that when a client leaves our office, they feel satisfied that we are there to help them come out financially stable at the end of the process.

We sit down with you, evaluate your situation and help you chart a new path to a better financial future. For clients who want to make sure they retain their assets or who want to pay off their debts but need some help finding a plan that works for their situation, you can exercise your rights under Chapter 13 bankruptcy to restart and rebuild.

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File for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Florida

Many people from all walks of life struggle with debt management. Doctors, office workers, secretaries, construction workers, small-business owners and countless others — for various reasons — have found themselves overwhelmed by debt.

Under Chapter 13, a person’s debt load is restructured. A monthly payment plan is setup whereby the individual makes monthly payments, as determined by a bankruptcy court, over a three to five year period.

There are important differences between Chapter 13 and Chapter 7, with benefits and drawbacks to each. At Richard V. Ellis Law, we take our time getting to know your long-term goals, and we can offer guidance on the best bankruptcy option for your situation.

If you are facing daily creditor harassment, wage garnishments or foreclosure proceedings, reach out to an experienced Sarasota and Manatee bankruptcy attorney for relief.

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