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Bankruptcy is an important financial decision that affects you and your family. We let you know all the costs and fees associated with filing for bankruptcy up front, before you hire us.

After reviewing your specific situation, we’ll be able to provide you with a final quote and engagement letter for your bankruptcy. Below is a general summary of what fees and costs you can expect if you decide to hire us.

Bankruptcy Court Filing Fees

Chapter 7: $338

Chapter 13: $313

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Chapter 13 – Bankruptcy Attorney’s Fees

No fee is required for the initial consultation.

In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case, half of your fees may be paid after we file the bankruptcy case, out of the payments you make to the Trustee. Thus, while our total fee ranges from $3,900 (if paid in full prior to filing) to $4,500, the amount that must be paid prior to the filing of the case is generally similar to the fee for a Chapter 7 case.

We generally ask clients to pay an initial fee of $750 to retain us for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and the remainder of the pre-filing fee is not due until you are ready to file.

As with Chapter 7 cases, the fee includes our personal attendance with you at your Meeting of Creditors.

Divorce – Attorney’s Fees and Court Filing Fees

No fee is required for the initial consultation.

An uncontested divorce fee can be as low as $1,200, plus the court’s filing fee of $403.50. If the case is a contested case, a retainer fee will be quoted to you based upon the complexity and the estimated time required to handle the case. As indicated above, no attorney’s fees are owed by you until an agreement is reached for the attorney’s services.

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