Children deserve the support of both parents, both emotionally and financially. However, separation of support matters should be fair.

When a child is involved in a dispute between parents, the goal for everyone involved is to ensure the child is not being neglected in any way. This includes the money the child is going to need in order to survive and thrive in the world. For this reason, Florida has very specific child support laws in place to protect children.

The court may order either parent to pay child support during and after the dissolution of marriage proceeding in an equitable amount, based on the nature and circumstances of the case. There are specific child support guidelines set out in Florida Statutes Annotated; Chapter 61.30.

In Florida, both parents’ income is considered when calculating child support. This “income shares” model requires each parent to disclose all of their income and earnings and assumes that your child would receive a share of this income if you had remained married.
Child support is meant to help ensure your child is well cared for, even if the child is not living in the same house with both parents. It is not only a requirement that parents financially care for their child, but a parent should have the desire to do so.

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Child Support In Florida

Florida courts use the official state guidelines to determine what amount of child support is appropriate. Child support payments continue until the child is 18 unless the court orders otherwise. The court will also make an order regarding health insurance coverage for the child and may order parents to share the cost of medical expenses not covered by insurance.

Support payments can be paid directly to the recipient parent or withheld from the paying parent’s paycheck. To modify a child support order, a parent must show a substantial change in circumstances such as a significant change in income, or must prove that the modification is in the best interest of the child. Child support orders in Florida are enforced by the court upon the filing of a motion of one of the parties.

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