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Mr. Ellis has filed in excess of 5,000 Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases over the past three decades and has handled hundreds of family law matters since beginning practice in 1979. Mr. Ellis spends his free time with family, including a 2-year-old granddaughter to which he is devoted. He maintains an interest in current events, sports, and reading.

5 Ways to Reduce Business Debt

Those looking to stabilize their business finances must learn to pay down their business debt effectively. This article will look at strategies you can employ to get out from under your debt and have more money freed up for other business needs. 

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When is an Emergency Bankruptcy Filing Appropriate?

When people find themselves in financial trouble, they spend months contemplating their options. Bankruptcy is often thought of as a last resort and is put off until the very last minute. However, while someone is busy weighing their options, their creditor often moves against them. This legal action can result in a judgment and garnishment of wages. If this occurs, what recourse does an individual have? The answer may be an emergency bankruptcy filing. 

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Understanding the Nuances of Debt

Not all debt is created equal, and not all debt is bad. But since debt is also the primary reason individuals find themselves in financial distress, it is essential to understand the differences and nuances involved with different types of debt.

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Florida Bankruptcy Exemptions

Here in Florida, we have specific bankruptcy exemptions that must be applied to our filing and override federal rules if there is a discrepancy. The good news is that Florida exemptions are typically more generous than those offered under federal law.  If you are considering a Florida bankruptcy, here is the exemption information you need to know.

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When to Refinance Your Home

One reason people file for bankruptcy is that they struggle to make their home mortgage payments. However, there are several strategies that a homeowner can employ to try to make their monthly bills more manageable before having to look to bankruptcy as an option. Refinancing a home mortgage is one such option. Here are some reasons a homeowner may consider a home refinance and how it will help avoid bankruptcy. 

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