We live in a world where we can learn to do almost anything through online videos. The age of DIY is definitely upon us, and some people are beginning to think that professionals are no longer needed – even when facing a divorce. After all, the Florida Supreme Court has approved online plans, forms, and petitions that a couple can file – so do you really need a divorce attorney? 

The answer lies in just how protected you would like to be. The law is complex and nuanced, and it can be easy to miss something important that could prove personally or financially catastrophic in the future. 

Sadly, couples who have made the difficult decision to divorce have typically reached the point of no return. They are not interested in paths to resolution and often operate out of anger, betrayal, distrust, and grief. This creates an atmosphere that is genuinely not conducive to making good, equitable, or beneficial decisions. 

This is why having a professional looking out for your interests is essential. 

Complexities of Separating 

Throughout a marriage, couples have often purchased a home together, shared large debts such as vehicles or furniture, and had children together. Looking at separation means facing complex and emotional issues of how to divide both assets and liabilities. Arguments may extend to the house, the dog, the car, and the big screen TV.  Disagreements regarding children are incredibly challenging and delicate, involving custody, decision-making, and visitation. The best solution is agreeing on every point, but the reality is that couples in a broken relationship can rarely do this with clear thought. Years of disagreement and fractured trust can destroy a simple divorce. 

Is a DIY Divorce Possible?

Even in the face of these challenges, it seems more and more couples are turning to online resources and services to walk them through their divorce. These online programs offer a low fee and “lawyer-free” marriage dissolution. As we stated above, there may be cases where the parties involved can divorce rather amicably and work with one another with respect. 

However, even for these couples, there are possible pitfalls and hidden dangers. If you are unfamiliar with court rules and legal proceedings – and most people are – it will be complicated to get the divorce going. The intricacies involved in calculating child support and alimony could prove financially catastrophic in the long run. When property is involved, divorcing spouses may not be aware of the other’s assets – and deciding on the financial resolution is also the most challenging part of a divorce. 

Family Law Attorneys Are Here To Help

While a “simple” divorce may seem possible in the beginning stages, it rarely stays easy and carefree. No one should be making life-altering decisions when upset or emotional, especially in legal situations that are unfamiliar. A family law divorce attorney can provide impartial guidance and protection to ensure that your interests are protected and that everyone is being treated fairly. 

Marriages – and subsequent divorces – involving children, alimony, or significant assets can be complex and messy. Making a mistake may have both short- and long-term implications that affect your happiness and security going forward. Don’t take any chances – call a family law attorney to protect you and represent your rights. 

Richard V. Ellis is a divorce and bankruptcy attorney based in Sarasota, Fl.