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Tis the Season for Tax Scams

With the April 15th deadline now fading in the distance, many Floridians are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their tax refund. Unfortunately, it is not only the taxpayers awaiting those checks - nefarious scammers of all kinds are dreaming up ways to get their hands on your hard-earned money.

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Can the Bankruptcy Trustee Take My Tax Refund?

Since tax season just ended and people should be receiving their refunds, we decided to address one of the most popular questions asked around this time each year. “If I am eligible for a tax refund, but I filed for bankruptcy, can I keep the refund when it arrives?

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Personal Bankruptcy Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve undoubtedly heard of bankruptcy, and you may have wondered if it could be a solution for your current financial woes. But if you are like many consumers, you don’t have any actual first-hand knowledge about the bankruptcy process. Here are the most common bankruptcy FAQs to help you understand bankruptcy and decide if it is the right course of action for you. 

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Repairing Your Credit Score

Sometimes, even our best efforts are not enough to extricate us from a challenging situation. Several factors negatively impact your credit score. Here's how to repair your credit and get it back on the right track.

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